What is EKOPRD?

The best way to stabilize the soil

What is EKOPRD?

Eco-friendly plastic panel for water retention

Eco-friendly plastic panel for water retention is a load-bearing and sustainable system that stabilizes the soil surface without sealing it. Every day we prove that areas exposed to load can be built in an environmentally friendly and economic way. Our system is suitable for any application, especially in creating urban green space, landscaping and civil engineering, equestrianism, forestry and agriculture. Thanks to EKOPRD you get a stable, stabilized surface on which you can not only walk, but also drive! Create sustainable green spaces with EKOPRD that combine load-bearing capacity, drainage and harmonious integration into the landscape!!!

High load-bearing capacity

Thanks to the safety joints, the forces acting on EKOPRD are distributed over the area. The quality of the material ensures high load values. The material is long-lasting and highly resistant to weather and other effects.

Without ground sealing

Areas with ECOPRD acquire a natural function of retaining rainwater in the soil. The resulting rainwater charges can thus be reduced. As a rule, expensive compensation measures or drainage can then be dispensed with.


EKOPRD allows several filling options, e.g.: grassing, filling with gravel or soil substrate.

Certainty of stability  in any terrain.

Depending on the type of substratum and application, EKOPRD either adapts to the natural surface (e.g. for erosion control) or lies absolutely stable and flat on roads and parking areas without the use of kerbs! The proven safety connecting system ensures a firm and reliable material compatibility.

Easy  installation

Installation is very simple and possible without the use of heavy machinery. With a light pressure of the foot, the EKOPRD connecting pins easily snap into the safety connecting system and are thus firmly connected to each other. In one movement you can lay even 1.33 m2. With a properly prepared substratum, you can lay more than 100 m² in an hour.


EKOPRD eco-friendly plastic panels for water retention are made from recycled plastics!


Each of our EKOPRD eco-friendly plastic panels for water retention is a German certified product of the highest quality: load-bearing, UV radiation- and weather-resistant. Our customers appreciate both the durability of our panels and the compatibility and expandability of their own system.

Our environment

EKOPRD eco-friendly plastic panels for water retention are completely environmentally neutral, OECD controlled and recyclable. Therefore, the use of our panels can also be recommended in protection zones. Throughout the entire production chain, we save resources and reduce our carbon footprint. Every day we prove that quality and environmental friendliness are not mutually exclusive, but rather complementary.