Driveways and pathways without surface sealing

No puddles, ruts and obstacles on the road

Parking areas, driveways, roads, sidewalks and pathways are where you will appreciate the benefits of the EKOPRD system, which does not cause soil sealing or impermeability. Thus the topsoil is not exposed to high stress and no visible rutting, muddy ruts or puddles form. Maintenance and care would automatically mean higher costs!

EKOPRD will permanently stabilize these areas and reduce your costs for regular renovations of driveways and pathways. EKOPRD products meet the everyday demands of driveways and pathways

One of the most popular systems worldwide

The various filling options and combinations offer a wide range of applications. Thanks to the certification, the EKOPRD system may also be used in areas that are subject to environmental protection.

EKOPRD can easily cope with demanding tasks such as paved access roads for firefighters

Our product recommendations for driveways and pathways without surface sealing