For nice access and parking areas and footpaths

Areas with easy maintenance including reduced charges for rainwater drainage

Do you want to build a parking area, reduce the maintenance costs for gravel roads or just reduce charges for rainwater drainage? Are you looking for an alternative to the concrete pavement in front of your house? EKOPRD is far superior to easily breakable paver systems. Our versatile system is a truly professional product that will create a modern look for the paved areas around your house and garden.

Be creative

With many filling materials available, there are no limits for your creativity. Combine EKOPRD with grassed elements or design your driveway with one of our filling options and get rid of annoying ruts. Thanks to the easy and quick installation, you can lay a large number of m² per hour without much effort. You can quickly create foundations for a woodshed, walkways or driveways. Compared to other alternatives, such as concrete slabs, EKOPRD is considerably more environmentally friendly.

Installation is a piece of cake!

EKOPRD can be laid onto the prepared substrate in a few moments. The individual prepared panels easily snap into each other with a light pressure of the foot. Adjustment to the surrounding terrain is also easy. And thanks to the right accessories and the fact that the panels are easy to cut, all necessary adjustments, curves or height differences can be easily solved.

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