Logistics, parking and storage areas

Modern stabilized areas for heavy machinery with integrated rainwater management system

With the increasing transformation of existing areas used for manoeuvring and transport, nearly half of the projects are experiencing land sealing or impermeability. EKOPRD offers an ideal alternative as it allows for the preservation of natural ground properties. As a rule, there is no need for expensive drainage systems or levelling measures, because our system allows even large amounts of rainfall to be absorbed, even in the event of heavy rainfall.

Large stabilized areas easy and quickly

Ground stabilization with natural water absorption is a suitable solution especially for large storage and parking areas. Thanks to the EKOPRD system, you will reduce your charges for rainwater drainage. In addition, you will also appreciate the benefits of easy installation, because even larger areas can be laid quickly and easily without the need for heavy machinery. For use on areas with heavy loads, we particularly recommend filling with gravel. This material has a high load-bearing capacity, is durable and cost-effective. No more worrying about the point load of parked containers or parked trucks. You don’t even have to worry about point loads of containers or parked trucks: that is no problem for this area. For better stabilization of areas with frequent turning of vehicles, we recommend overfilling the panels with gravel one to two centimetres above the top edge of EKOPRD

Our product recommendations for logistics, parking and storage areas