Modern riding arenas for greater animal safety and welfare

Modern riding arenas for greater animal safety and welfare

EKOPRD in your riding arena – more sport, less mud
Modern floors in riding arenas are more than just an equestrian surface. They are high-quality floors that support and protect the horses while adapting to the local conditions. The characteristics of riding arenas, paddocks and other areas significantly affect the health and safety of animals and people.

Developed in cooperation with professionals

All EKOPRD equestrian solutions have been developed in collaboration with professionals to turn your problematic ground into a reliable riding equestrian surface.

For optimal riding arenas

The EKOPRD system has the function of a separating layer in the construction of riding arenas. Thus the necessary base does not get mixed up with the equestrian surface or any aggregates. Hoof impacts are mitigated and the surface has noticeably better absorbing properties. The joints of the animals are protected and the maintenance costs of the riding arena are significantly reduced.

For paddocks and other areas

In riding areas there are many options for using a ground stabilization system without surface sealing. To prevent hoof disease, joint damage and falls, animals should not stand in mud or sludge. When using EKOPRD for paddocks, care must be taken to ensure a functional connecting system and to create a nice surface. The same applies when used in open stables, paddocks, training rings or stables. Surfaces with our system can withstand the necessary load and are easy to clean.

Our product recommendations for modern riding arenas