Parking areas

Intelligent design of parking areas with natural rainwater retention in the soil

Whether we park at our own house, in front of the office building or at a shopping mall, today’s mobility requires that we have somewhere to park our vehicles. As the need for built-up areas grows, it is imperative that we do not seal the built-up land, but rather think about natural water circulation while providing a system for natural rainwater retention in the soil. EKOPRD is ideal for large parking areas. Its use is not only functional, but also good-looking and modern and it fits in with the overall appearance of the surrounding environment.

Your benefits

Various filling options

Thanks to several filling options, there is a wide range of possibilities for the final design of the parking area: green areas fit for occasional use or continuous traffic, where cars are parked and at the same time there are areas with integrated rainwater retention.
Whatever design and accessories you choose, your project will always look great with EKOPRD.

Our product recommendation for parking areas