Solid slope stabilization

EKOPRD is a system designed for stabilization of sloped surfaces

We offer a great solution for the stabilization of sloped surfaces and slopes, service roads and access roads on slopes. With more than 200 expansion joints per square meter and 36 connecting pins per m², the system is resistant to the forces generated on the slope. As a result, topsoil erosion is reduced. Water runoff through the furrows in the soil is reduced and subsequent leaching of nutrients from the soil is prevented.

Stabilní zpevnění svahu

EKOPRD stabilizes slopes and sloped areas without breaking the stable connection and while preserving the original soil slope.

The system is ideal for the construction of retention pits and rainwater retention tanks.

Installation on slopes

A sufficiently thick substratum should always be applied to the prepared base as a bearing and levelling layer. The pre-connected panels should be filled with a 5 cm layer (up to the top edge of the panel) with a suitable topsoil material or a mixture of sand and soil, humus and, for example, substrate containing fertiliser for grassing. The base and fill material should contain a small amount of fine material to ensure that the necessary amount of water is retained for the grass to grow and to ensure water permeability. Please follow our installation instructions for slopes!

Our product recommendations for solid slope stabilization